Investigator Donald Canestraro is responsible for training programs at InfoPro Legal Resources.

Mr. Donald Canestraro has been a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) since 1991.  He has participated in numerous international investigations involving money laundering, traditional organized crime, drug trafficking and terrorism.   Prior to his appointment to Special Agent, Mr. Canestraro served as an Intelligence Analyst with DEA where he provided expertise to U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies on Colombian drug smuggling cartels

Mr Canestraro has provided training to law enforcement officers from U.S. and foreign agencies on diverse topics such as financial investigations, terrorism, tactical operations, case officer protection and undercover operations.  For example, he selected and trained  the first Chilean Investigative Police SWAT team in 2002, which involved training the officers in building entry, vehicle assault and undercover officer protection.  From 2002 until 2005, Mr. Canestraro trained several state and local police agencies, which included training and organizing the inaugural tactical teams from the Appomattox and Russell County Sheriff's departments in Virginia.   Mr. Canestraro has also put on a tactical school for the Virginia State Police SWAT team in clandestine laboratory entries,  where he utilized a mock-up of an actual meth lab complete with simulated flash fires, chemical hazards and hostile role players to give the officers realistic training in all aspects of a clandestine lab take down.  Mr. Canestraro also put on the first vehicle assault and surveillance schools for the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy; and was a member of the Alta Vista, Virginia Tactical Team.  While assigned on temporary duty to the DEA Training Academy, Don trained officers from Uzbekistan and Peru in tactical operations and also traveled to Guyana to train officers there in high-risk operations.  Mr. Canestraro has also put on annual schools at the DEA academy in clandestine laboratory entries and take downs and has received training in the use of snipers from the United States Military Police School. Mr. Canestraro has trained state and local officers in surveillance and counter surveillance using practical exercises and classroom instruction. He has trained Minneapolis area banks on Anti Money Laundering techniques;   and has taught classes in narco terrorism at two Minnesota colleges.  During 2011, he executed the first search warrant in the District of Minnesota targeting trafficker use of Facebook; and he has trained numerous law enforcement officers on criminal use of social media.