Name: Heidi Siebenaler

Title: Investigator


Heidi Siebenaler brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the legal industry.  She has seventeen years of experience working with juvenile and adult offenders in the community as well as in an institutional setting.  She is a former juvenile caseworker, probation officer, and probation supervisor in Community Corrections.  The bulk of Heidi’s work in probation involved interviewing offenders and victims, preparing Pre-Sentence Investigations, and investigating prior criminal records.  She also supervised sex offenders on probation and supervised release.  Heidi has extensive training and knowledge in the criminal legal system, motivational interviewing, risk assessment, report writing, chemical dependency, mental health issues, and sentencing guidelines.  She also has a wealth of knowledge in the realm of legal resources.

Since joining InfoPro Legal Resources in 2012, Heidi has worked primarily on criminal defense cases and background investigations.  Heidi manages the background investigation component of InfoPro and completes the investigations, which are tailored to the needs of our clients.  Heidi earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in the Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance from the University of Minnesota.